Chicken Houses

haydock-newThe Haydock House

For those wanting to keep a large number of chickens at once, the Haydock Chicken House might be just what you’re looking for. Spacious and versatile, the Haydock will keep your chickens safe from predators and cold weather, and will provide years of service thanks to its sturdy construction from pressure treated timber. The pophole door is also ventilated to ensure fresh air moves through the chicken house easily, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable living space for all your chickens.

Of course, a chicken house needs to be kept clean and maintained, and the Haydock can oblige. Every part of the chicken house is easily accessible: the roofs are hinged to allow access to the main body of the housing, the side walls are removable and even the floor, nests and perching can be extracted for cleaning, repair or maintenance.

Thanks to its spacious, robust construction and ease of access, the Haydock chicken house is the ideal choice for the newcomer and experienced chicken farmer alike.

  • Frame & cladding from pressure treated timber
  • Hinged roof(s). (20mm thick shiplap boards)
  • Removable side walls (12mm TGV boarding)
  • Removable floor (12mm marine ply)
  • Removable nests (12mm marine ply)
  • Removable perching (45×45)
  • Vented pophole door & ridge

brightonThe Brighton House

The Brighton Chicken Arks are a fine choice for chicken owners with limited space or a need to keep a close eye on their feathered friends. Consisting of an enclosed run beneath a perching and nesting area, the ark comes with everything a chicken needs and is designed to accommodate a chicken’s natural instincts, particularly their interest in a high perch at night time. The ark’s nesting boxes also reflect the dark, confined spaces that chickens seek out before laying an egg. When the chickens are inside the run, the design allows for both shaded and unshaded areas: this means chickens can move in and out of sunlight to suit their preference. At the end of the day, chickens can ‘go upstairs’ to sleep, with the ramp retractable for added security.

When you need to access the ark for cleaning or maintenance, the perch and both sides of the ark can be removed, allowing you to carry out whatever work is required quickly and easily. The flat flooring has no obstructions to hinder its cleaning, and access to the nesting boxes can be blocked off if needed.

Combining secure housing with an intelligently-constructed run and easy access for cleaning, the Brighton Chicken Ark is a comprehensive chicken housing that any chicken owner can be proud to own.

  • Removable side doors, end doors and perch for ease of access
  • Two nesting boxes designed to accommodate chickens’ natural preferences
  • Built-in covered run gives chickens a secure place to roam and offers sunny and shaded areas.
  • Retractable ramp for added security

Available in 4×4 (4 hens confined, 5 to 6 if free ranging) and 4×6 (6 hens confined, 7 to 8 if free ranging) variations.

eglux-1The Eglu Go

Available in green or purple.

The Eglu Go is the simple, straightforward way to start keeping chickens. It is designed for up to 4 medium hens, and comes complete with everything you need to get started. It has plastic roosting bars and a discreet nesting area which can be filled with straw or shredded paper to make a comfortable nest for your chickens. Eggs can be easily collected by opening the door at the back of the housing, and its plastic construction and slide-out dropping tray make cleaning it a lot easier.

This housing is available as a standalone product or as a complete bundle with feeder, drinker, shade, egg boxes and chicken keeping guide. Extension runs and covers are also available separately.


House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg)
Run: 70cm x 24cm x 96cm (15kg)


  • Standalone housing £235.00
  • With 2m run £360.00
  • 1m extension run
  • Shade for 2m run
  • Heavy Duty Cover for 2m run
  • Clear cover for 2m run

Eglu-Go-UpThe Eglu Go UP

Available in green or purple.

The Eglu Go UP is a type of chicken housing that’s raised off the ground. It can hold 4 hens, is easy to clean and move around and provides a safe, warm environment for your chickens to live in. Having the housing raised off the ground also makes it easy to clean and collect eggs, and with the included run installed it’s secure from predators. Wheels can be added to the housing to make it easier to move around, and extension runs and shades are also available.

House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg)
Frame & Ladder: 82cm x 11cm x 61.5cm (9.64kg)
Wheel Set: 90cm x 12cm x 39cm (4.42kg)
Run: 93cm x 10.5cm x 65cm (14.83kg)


  • Eglu Go UP chicken house with 2m run in green £449.00 (Comes as complete kit inc. glug, grub, shade, egg boxes and chicken keeping guide)
  • Eglu Go UP chicken house with 2m run in purple £449.00 (Comes as complete kit inc. glug, grub, shade, egg boxes and chicken keeping guide)
  • Add wheels £50.00
  • Add 1m extension run £76.00
  • Shade
  • Heavy duty run cover
  • Clear run cover

eglucubexThe Eglu Cube

Available in green or purple.

The Eglu Cube is the ideal way to keep up to 10 chickens in a town or country garden. Like the GO UP, the Cube is raised off the ground, making it easy to clean and collect the eggs your hens have laid, and the attached wheels make moving it from place to place incredibly easy as well. Add effective insulation and ventilation, complimentary feeders and drinkers and a free chicken-keeping guide into the mix, and you’ve a fantastic proposition for those wanting to keep a few more chickens in their garden.

Extension runs and covers sold separately.


House Box A: 128cm x 85cm x 23cm (25kg)
House Box B: 128cm x 70cm x 20cm (14kg)
House Box C: 100cm x 89cm x 30cm (21kg)
House Box D: 85cm x 24cm x 57cm (16kg)
Run: 115cm x 116cm x 36cm (16kg)


  • The cube chicken house £599.00
  • The cube chicken house complete with 2m run £699.00
  • 1m extension run £100
  • Shade £
  • Heavy duty run cover 1m £
  • Heavy duty run cover 2m £
  • Clear run cover 1m £
  • Clear run cover 2m £29.00
  • Side wind protection(baffles) set of three £
  • Pins for door (pack of two) £
  • As well as housing, we provide Omlet chicken fencing to ensure your chickens are safe. It can be used to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or, of course, keem them out of a part of your garden, like your prized vegetable patch!
  • Available in 12m, 21m, 32m and 42m lengths.
  • 12m £79.00
  • 21m £99.00
  • 32m £149.00
  • 42m £199.00

Walk-In Runs

We also provide walk in runs: taller than the standard variety, these runs do what their name suggests and allow you to enter the run quickly and easily. The runs also come with a ‘stable door’ configuration, allowing to open just the top section: this is great if, say, you want to feed your chickens without risking them running amok.