Keeping Pigs

Wanting to save your bacon…or just keep an unusual pair of pets? Keeping pigs is a challenging yet fulfilling task that anyone with land and time to spare can get behind. As highly intelligent animals with great personalities, the humble pig has been a mainstay of British farms for generations: will your home play host to them as well?

Many new pig owners will start out with weaner pigs. The term ‘weaner’ refers to pigs who have been weaned off their mother’s milk, can eat solid food, and survive without their mother’s intervention. They typically reach this stage at eight weeks of age.

Little Morton Farm provides everything you need to get started, from housing, feeders and other vital accessories. We regularly breed Berkshire pigs throughout the year, with the weaners available for purchase by the general public: give us a call for more information on what we have available.

Read on for information about acquiring your pigs, housing them, and what to feed them on.