Pig Keeping Essentials

Size Price Postage
3ft £33.00 £12.50
4ft 6inches £39.00 £13.50
6ft £45.00 £17.00

Galvanised Auto Trough

Comes with ballcock

Bowl fitted with drain bolt – £60.00 plus £15.00 p&p

Nipple Drinkers

Ideal for continuous water supply without the wastage of a bowl. Fully adjustable and suitable from piglets up to fully grown pigs

£14.00 plus £4 p&p


We highly recommend insulation especially on farrowing arks. The arks have extra braces lined with 5.5mm ply. Recycled wool insulation is then put in the cavities before fitting the sheets this helps keep those animals or poultry vulnerable to the cold cosy and warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Please add the following costs per ark:

Size Price
8ft x 6ft £125.00
8ft x 8ft £150.00
8ft x 10ft £175.00
8ft x 12ft  £175.00


A 2ft x 3 ft window is cut out of the back allowing air to flow through the ark, thereby helping to keep respiratory diseases at bay. Galvanised hinges are used to keep the window open and when not needed the window can be bolted shut. Useful also for arks that are going to be positioned where there is limited or no shade.

All sizes £50.00

Loading Bar:

A loading bar is fitted on all of the 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 standards and removable floor arks. . Should you require a loading bar on any of the other sizes these can be fitted for a modest cost.

Loading Bar = £25.00

Green Sheets:

Ideal for conservation areas and woodland settings where galvanised sheeting would not be appropriate.

Please add the following prices to costs of your chosen ark and size:

Size Price
8ft x 6ft £45.00
8ft x 8ft £67.50
8ft x 10ft £67.50
8ft x 12ft £90.00


Suitable for all our arks, a wire mesh or solid door can be fitted to protect vulnerable stock.

Door fitted to ark below for use with poultry.
Solid £30.00 (Includes galvanised hinges and bolt)

Farrowing Crèche:

An absolute godsend for keeping piglets in a safe environment, yet at the same time allowing them to come out of the ark, as well as enabling the sow to come and go as she pleases. Made from galvanised steel, the crèche is 4ft long by 4ft wide and approximately 15 inches tall, and bolts easily onto the front of our arks.

Price: £100

traditional-pig-keepingPig Books

“Traditional Pig Keeping”
Carol Harris

SONY DSCPig Sorting Panels

Specially developed polyethylene panels for starting piglets and fattening pigs. The front is completely smooth making it easy to clean for example by a high pressure cleaner. The construction of the panels makes them very strong and durable. Polyethylene is a durable, non corrosive material that cannot rot. It is also very light, making the panels easy to handle. Every panel has several rounded handles on two sides, so the panels can be handled in various positions. This makes them easy to use for anybody in any situation.


Pig Keeping Starter KitOur pig starter kit is very comprehensive kit containing everything that you need to start with pigs and can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Our standard package includes:

  • 1 x Ready Built Ark, 8ft x 6 ft
  • Electric unit
  • 200m of steel stranded wire
  • Electrical insulation clips
  • 17 x 5ft 6 inch wooden posts
  • 3 ft pig galvanised pig trough
  • 20kg bag of Dodson and Horrel sow and weaner nuts
  • “Traditional Pig Keeping” by Carol Harris
  • Pig Sorting Panel (for moving pigs).

All this for only £599.00

vermxVerm-X Pellets for Pigs are 3mm in diameter, designed to be mixed with daily rations of standard feeds. Along with the Verm-X formulation, the pellets contain dicalcium phosphate, seaweed meal, limestone flour, sunflower oil and micronised sugar beet pulp for additional fibre.
To feed Verm-X Pellets for Pigs add 10g, for all breeds, per head per day as a top dressing to regular feed ration. Repeat for seven consecutive days each month. Begin after weaning.

Available in 4 sizes: 750g tubs, 1.5kg tubs, 4kg pails and 8kg pails. A 10g scoop is supplied in every pack.
All sizes are supplied in re-sealable Keep Fresh Tubs of pails. A 750g tub will provide 2 pigs with approximately 5 months supply and 8kg will provide 20 pigs with approximately 6 months supply.