The Farm


Little Morton Farm is a small family farm based in North Wingfield, Derbyshire. Run by Tom Beckingham, the main objective of Little Morton Farm is food production of the highest quality, with the dream of being totally self sufficient. Our time on the farm has been both challenging and rewarding, and our experience enables us to help many people who share our dream: from starting with chickens to creating the complete smallholding, we have plenty of advice and support to offer.

Little Morton Farm is home to a diverse range of animals. All of the animals are reared in a traditional way, and everything is free range except in the worst winter months. All of the animals are fed on hi peak organic feed, with the exception of the cows which are fed locally grown barley.  The animals’ welfare and health is paramount to the success of our farm and is given the highest priority. Read on to learn all about the animals and produce we provide.


Now incorporated into Little Morton Farm is Poplar Poultry: established in 2001, it has become a leading supplier of poultry and supplies. Little Morton Farm has a selection of hybrid chickens right through the year available at point of lay, which in turn produce a beautiful selection of egg colours. 

We are also home to Sasso table chickens which are hatched two or three times a year. These are available as day old vaccinated chicks or are reared on the farm up until 84 days of age.  They produce the tastiest chicken and are perfect for a Sunday roast. 

We don’t just sell chickens, however. We are the main agents and stockists of the OMLET range of housing and accessories, and also make our own top quality timber houses.

As well as chickens, Little Morton Farm is home to Silver Apple yard ducks. They are a great dual purpose duck producing up to 200 eggs per year, and are also a fantastic table bird. We hatch regular batches of these during the spring and summer months. For Christmastime, we keep bronze turkeys, reared at the farm for six months: they are a perfect centrepiece for your Christmas dinner! If you’re more traditionally inclined, we have a small number of geese available as well.

Pigs, Sheep and Cows

We don’t just play host to birdlife, however. Little Morton Farm is home to a small breeding group of four sows and a boar, which produce regular batches of beautiful piglets. These piglets are sold as weaners or are reared at Little Morton Farm until 7-8 months of age.  They produce fantastic tasting pork, bacon and sausages. We also have a small flock of texel sheep, from which we produce our home reared lamb, and a small prize winning herd of pedigree Blonde D Aquitaine cattle: these produce stock bulls for sale and our home reared beef.

Perhaps our most unusual farm animal, Little Morton Farm is also home to honey bees, which are busy collecting nectar from the local area to make delicious honey. We are using an Omlet Beehaus as a hive for our bees. 

Buying our Produce

If you’re not much for farming, Little Morton Farm is home to its very own farm shop which is open on Fridays and Saturdays. We sell a selection of our home reared produce from the farm, including free range eggs, dry cured bacon and gammon, 15 flavours of home made sausages, berkshire pork, quality seasonal vegetables and our delicious home made pork and steak pies. Come and pay us a visit, take a look around and try our delicious produce!