Feeders & Drinkers

Chicken Feeders & Drinkers

Poplar Poultry @ Little Morton Farm offers a great selection of feeders and drinkers to suit everyone from a back garden keeper with 3 chickens up to a smallholder with 50 chickens we have something in stock to suit you.  We have tried and tested the range we offer and are on hand to advice you on the best product for your needs.   

Allow up to 0.8L of water per bird per day especially during warmer weather

Allow 150g of feed per bird per day


Treadle Feeders

Heavy Duty ?Galvanised, vermin proof, all weather feeders with locking lid and quiet treadle action.  Excellent for feeding your chickens.

Available in four sizes - 5KG - 8KG - 12KG - 20KG

Trough Chicken Feeder and Metal Covered Chicken feeders

Zinc plated for protection from rust and then 

attractively painted either pink or blue.

30cm Trough: £20.56p

3.6kg Covered Feeder: £28.85p

Plastic Feeders 

Available in Red & White

1kg: £4.95p

3kg: £9.95p

6kg: £19.95p

10kg: £29.92p

Feathers & Beaky - Chicken Feeder

With adjustable legs and a unique flexible rain shield chickens cannot perch on plus anti-tip design to prevent wastage, this is the ultimate chicken feeder

1.8kg Feeder £21.99

Hanging Veg Holder 

Although chickens like to scratch about, throwing vegetables on the ground isn't ideal. They get dirty and can spoil. Put them in this robust vegetable holder instead and you'll lose a few hours watching them jump up and get a beak full. It's good exercise for your hens and the veg lasts longer too, helping to prevent boredom.

Vegetable Feeder: £15.99

Peck it Treat Dispenser 

Treat Dispenser: £5.99

Osprey Covered Feeders

Ascott 2.5kg Feeder: £14.95

Blenheim 6kg Feeder: £19.95

Cage Cups (in various colours) £1.20p each of 10 for £10

Feathers & Beaky Top Fill 2 Litre Chicken Drinker

Topping up your chickens water is now so easy and drip free. Simply take the lid off and fill from the top. No turning it upside down and getting covered with water.

It's also anti-tip is height adjustable. 


Tripod Drinkers

Robust siphon drinker available in:

20L   £34.38

30L   £36.28

40L  £38.23

Galvanised Water Drinkers

Traditional Hot dip galvanised Drinkers, our premium feeders in the range we offer.  Long lasting Drinkers with good weather protection.

1/2 Gallon (2.25L)   £27.95

1 Gallon (4.5L)  £31.95

2 Gallon (9.0L)   £36.95

3 Gallon (13.0L)   £39.95

Plastic Drinkers

Available in Red & White

1.5 Litre  £4.95

3 Litre  £5.95

6 Litre £8.95

12 Litre £19.95