Feeds, Supplements, Treats & Wormer Prevention


Poplar Poultry @ Little Morton Farm offers a selection of products which we would recommend from many years experience.  All of the products have been used by ourselves and we can offer help and advice on feeding and caring for your birds.      

 Hi Peak Organic Feeds


At Little Morton farm we stock Organic Layers pellets from Hi Peak feeds.

We have been using Hi Peak feeds for our poultry since 2003 and believe that it is the best food available to support your birds health and provide the exact diet to support full egg production.

Other feeds from Hi Peak Organic feeds are available to order form Little Morton Farm.

   Marriages Feeds

Little Morton farm is a stockist of the Marriages range of poultry feeds.  We stock the GM and SOYA free farmyard layers pellets as well as their Royal variety and Organic Mix corns.  


Mega Pecking Blocks

Can be hung as shown

1.2kg Pecking Blocks available as:

Mixed corn & Grit

Garlic, Herbs and seaweed

Fruit & berries

Agrivite Range of Supplements Include:

Poultry Drink 500ml

Respite 500ml

Enhance - Feather, Shell & Bone 500ml

Herb & Thrive 250ml