Chickens for Sale

Thinking of starting with chickens? Our Poplar range of coloured hybrid chickens are available to view in our new chicken aviary at Little Morton Farm.

All of our chickens for sale are available at point of lay which is between 17 and 21 weeks of age and are vaccinated.

Whether you are starting with chickens or already keeping chickens we have something to offer you. We offer a great selection of chickens which in turn will produce a lovely array of different coloured eggs, from dark brown, light brown, cream, pink, to blue and green.  

Birds are reared to an excellent standard, their welfare is paramount and we invest much of our time to ensure high standards of care are maintained.

When collecting your birds then you can either bring a suitable box or carrier or alternatively we can supply you with a purpose made chicken carrier which will hold up to three medium sized birds for £2.50.

Note: When visiting to view or collect chickens dogs are not permitted on the farm, thankyou. 


The Poplar Brown

This commercial hybrid is a very docile medium sized bird and suitable for first time chicken keepers or if you are starting with chickens. They are very prolific birds which can produce up to 320* good colour and sized brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Amber

The Amber hybrid is a medium sized attractive and docile bird and suitable if you are keeping chickens for the first time. They are very prolific birds which can produce up to 320* brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Blue

This very popular hybrid is a very attractive bird with slate grey and blue colouring splashed with both copper and white on the neck. They can make large birds and can produce up to 290* light brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Sussex

This hybrid is based on the traditional Light Sussex which is a well recognised bird within keeping chickens. They can make a large, docile and attractive bird with striking markings and can produce up to 290* light brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Black Rhode

This very popular hybrid based on the barred rock and rhode Island Red has distinctive iridescent feathering flecked with light copper.  They are a medium sized bird which can produce up to 300* brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Speckled

This hybrid based on the barred Rock has distinct barred feathering, is a medium sized docile bird which mixes well. They can produce up to 290* brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Black Sussex

This hybrid is the reverse of the sussex hybrid with lovely iridescent feathering and a silvery white neck.  They are a very docile, medium sized bird which can produce up to 290* brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Red Sussex

This hybrid is based upon the traditional Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex Cross.  They are an attractive deep red coloured bird with black around their neck, wings and tail. They can produce up to 300* brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar Copper Black

This hybrid is based upon the French copper Black Maran. They are a very docile medium sized bird which can produce up to 290* lovely dark brown eggs in their first season.

The Poplar White

This hybrid based on the White Leghorn is a fantastic small to medium bird, although can be a little flighty when young they can produce up to 320* pure white large sized eggs in their first season.

The Cheshire Blue/Buff

This hybrid is bred using the Arucana. Available in either the white with black flecks or the buff version it is a small bird which produces blue and green eggs.

The Heritage Skyline

This hybrid bred from the Cream Crested Legbar produces lovely blue, green and pinky coloured eggs. They are a very attractive medium sized birds which range in colours some having head tufts.


* All egg numbers are a guide for information purposes.



 The Copper Maran

The Copper Maran is known for producing lovely chocolate brown eggs

These birds will produce around 260* eggs in their fist season.

Poplar Poultry rears regular batches of these birds and they are available to buy from 18 weeks old.

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