Farm Livestock

Little Morton Farm is home to a pedigree herd of prize winning Berkshire pigs, a prize winning herd of pedigree British Blonde cattle and a small flock pedigree Blue Texel sheep.  Pure breeds of chickens and Silver Appleyard Ducks.

Berkshire Pigs

Little Morton Farm is home to a small pedigree herd of Berkshire pigs.  The Berkshire are one of the oldest English breeds of pigs known as the lady's pig.

They are a very good natured pig which love to root and forage around when kept outside.

There are seven male lines and nine female lines available.  Little Morton Farm keeps the female lines:

  • Suzanne
  • Mermaid
  • Farewell
  • Lady 

Male Lines:

  • Orlando
  • Namatjira

We aim to produce a litter of piglets every 4-6 weeks throughout the year and have weaner and breeding stock for sale.

British Blonde Cattle

Little Morton Farm is home to 'Wingfield Blondes' the pedigree herd of British Blonde cattle.  A breed that is known for its tender and well marbled meat which is full of flavour.

Our small herd has won the Midland small herd competition for 2017. 

Little Morton Farm has 4 cows and calves and a stock bull.  

Young breeding bulls and heifers sometimes available.

Blue Texel Sheep

Little Morton Farm is home to a flock of pedigree Blue Texel Sheep.

Currently we have 20 Breeding Ewes 

Stock Tup and Tup lambs for sale