Pig Keeping Essentials


Here at Little Morton Farm we have been breeding pedigree Berkshire pigs for many years and are regularly using many of the products in this section in order to keep or animals happy and healthy.

All of the products are normally kept in stock and can be collected from the farm or are available to be sent out via courier. 


Pig Troughs - Galvanised and water tight.

3ft £33.00     

4ft 6” £39.00

6ft £45.00

Pig Drinking Troughs - Galvanised and mains fed

Comes with ballcock - Bowl has drain bolt


Pig Nipple Drinkers

Ideal for continuous water supply without the wastage of a bowl - Fully adjustable and suitable from piglets through to fully grown pigs. 


  Hurdles - Galvanised Hurdles

        ideal for confining young pigs or to 

       assist moving and loading older pigs

         4ft length 7 rail hurdle £22.80

         6ft length 7 rail hurdle £26.40

Pig Sorting Panels

Specially developed polyethylene panels for starting piglets and fattening pigs. The front is completely smooth making it easy to clean for example by a high pressure cleaner. The construction of the panels makes them very strong and durable. Polyethylene is a durable, non corrosive material that cannot rot. It is also very light, making the panels easy to handle. Every panel has several rounded handles on two sides, so the panels can be handled in various positions. This makes them easy to use for anybody in any situation.


Pig Keeping book

A fantastic book all about pig keeping

A must for new pig keepers.


                              Verm - X for Pigs

Verm-X Pellets for Pigs are designed to be mixed with daily feed rations. Along with the Verm-X herbal formulation, the pellets contain dicalcium phosphate, seaweed meal, limestone flour, sunflower oil and micronised sugar beet pulp for additional digestive fibre. A healthy digestive system is vital as 70% of the immune system is housed in the intestinal tract.

Verm-X consists of herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural way to control intestinal hygiene in farm animals along with the many other benefits that will assist the health and growth of your pigs.
Even pigs that are kept in the most free range of environments intestinal hygiene control is a vital part of their keeping. Infestations can be brought in by new stock, already present in grazing, passed on by wild animals and mixed grazing or carried on boots and clothing. Fed monthly Verm-X provides effectiveness that is convenient and offers continual control.

Whereas chemical products generally work on whatever challenges are present at the time of feeding, the environment Verm-X builds is designed to stay active throughout the year, so that so long as fed for seven consecu!tive days each and every month as instructed, it is able to stop anything from settling and doing it's damage, keeping your pigs healthy and you happy

Verm-X for Pigs is extremely palatable and has been approved for use in organic systems following assessment by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd.

Ingredients: Wheat Meal, Wheatfeed Meal, Micronised Sugar Beet Pulp, Limestone Flour, Cinnamon, Garlic, Common Thyme, Peppermint, Fennel, Cleavers, Nettle, Sunflower Oil, Slippery Elm, Quassia, Cayenne, Seaweed Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate.

Verm-X for Pigs: A 750g tube will provide 2 pigs with 5 months supply and 8kg will provide 20 pigs with 6 months supply. A measuring scoop is supplied in every pack.

Verm - X for pigs Pellets 750g   £24.95  

Verm - X for pigs Pellets  1.5kg  £44.29  

Verm - X for pigs Pellets 4kg  £86.52 

 Mineral Block for pigs

 Block characteristics:

Calcium, iron, copper and magnesium are important for energy metabolism

Calcium, for maintaining strong bones

Iron, copper and zinc have a positive influence on the immune system

Magnesium contributes to good electrolyte balance

Magnesium contributes to nerve impulses between (nerve) cells

Round model

Pigs can play with the block (relaxation), lick it (distraction), while taking up the substances in it

Average uptake: 10 to 20 grams per animal/day.

Contains: besides plant extracts, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese and iron.

 Weight 4.5kg


    Rack made from stainless steel

      to hold the mineral block


    Toy ball for pigs - 30cm

The toy ball id designed as a distraction and to

             aid the animals environment.

       Made of almost indestructible plastic



 Rattle Paddle - for moving pigs

contains tiny pellets that make a rattling sound which helps prompt pigs to react.

Made of vinyl and easily kept clean.

The paddle is 32cm long and 16cm wide

Total length 107cm.


Volac Faramate 10kg

Sow milk replacer and supplement


Volac Volostrum Paste

A natural alternative to sow colostrum


  Battles Pig Oil

      Skin conditioning oil for pigs

      1 Litre      £5.95

       4.5Litre   £24.95

Agrifence Products

Agrifence DP-1210 Dual 12v Energiser

Very Robust and extremely reliable Dual Power Energiser. Equally at home running on a 12 V battery or mains power. ‘Battery Protect’ funtion to ensure you do not shorten the life of your battery. Green Fence pulse indicator, orange Battery Low and red Battery Recharge light gives you a quick indication of the status of your fence.

▪ 3 Year Warranty

▪ 12 V Rechargeable Battery / Mains Power

▪ Fence Pulse / Battery Level Indicator

▪ Solar Compatible

▪ Battery Protect Function

▪ 3 Year Warranty

Included in the box: 

  • All necessary connection leads.
  • Earth Stake. 
  • Mains Adapter


 Screw in insulator           £9.95   

       (pack of 25)

   High Visibility Superior Polywire

          200m             £17.95

Agrifence Easypost  105cm

        in green/black

 (pack of 10)        £17.95