Welcome to Little Morton Farm

Little Morton Farm is a small family farm based in North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire specialising in Keeping Pigs, Pig Arks and supplying Chickens. Run by Tom Beckingham and his family, the main objective of Little Morton Farm is food production of the highest quality, with the dream of being totally self sufficient. Our time on the farm has been both challenging and rewarding, and our experience enables us to help many people who share our dream: from starting with chickens to creating the complete smallholding, we have plenty of advice and support to offer.  

Little Morton Farm is home to Poplar Poultry, which after many years has become a leading poultry supplier throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, supplying chickens, chicken feeds, chicken housing and chicken keeping supplies in fact everything you may need to start with chickens or keep your established flock of birds happy and healthy. Originally established as a result of Toms passion for this addictive hobby it is his passion and commitment that makes both Poplar Poultry and Little Morton Farm what it is today. Wherever he can he will always try to help both new chicken keepers and established keepers with lots of help and advice.

Little Morton Farm is an established supplier of pig arks, animal arks and pig keeping supplies including organic feeds so if you are thinking of starting with pigs then we are here to help.

Little Morton Farm has been manufacturing a range of quality pigs arks for the past 10 years and have supplied them throughout England and Wales. We have also put together and stock a comprehensive range of pig keeping supplies which we find essential in the day to day care of our own herd of pedigree Berkshire pigs.

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At Little Morton Farm we keep and rear a diverse range of poultry and livestock, grow our own fruit and vegetables and harvest our own honey.  Our aim is to produce food of the highest quality which tastes fantastic.  In our farm shop we sell a range of our delicious home reared seasonal produce.

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Little Morton Farm is the home of Poplar Poultry, established in 2001, and has grown to become one of the regions leading supplier of chickens for both backyard keepers, smallholders, farmers and many organisations. We also have a fully stocked shop at Little Morton Farm full of poultry and chicken keeping supplies from Organic feed to quality chicken housing.  

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 Opening Times:

Farm Shop and Chicken Supplies Shop:

Wednesday 9.30am - 5.00pm

Thursday 9.30am - 5.00pm

Friday 9.30am - 5.00pm

  Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm

In order for Tom to be able to deal with you personally please could you make an appointment for chicken collections   


                                        Weekly / Fortnightly Updates from Tom:

Little Morton Farm has been a very busy place throughout the Summer months, we have extended our chicken breeding pens and moved some of our rearing houses to allow us to rear everything on free range next year which is very exciting.  We have made some lovely hay and haylage this year which should keep our Blonde cattle happy throughout the winter months.  Our Blue Texel ewes have had the pre tupping preparations and we plan to introduce our new Tup in with them any day now.

We still have a stock tup below and a well grown tup lamb available for sale as we have kept the females. 

We have had a lovely litter of 10 piglets born in the last week and they are thriving, there are some really exceptionally marked ones to keep an eye on.

We still have a lovely selection of chickens available for sale including Brown and white egg layers swell as the Heritage Skylines which produce Blue/Green/Pinky coloured eggs.

The farm shop is fully stocked with our home reared meats including a great selection of tasty 28 day matured Blonde Beef; steaks, stewing meat, brisket,  roasting joints, minced beef, home made burgers and home made meat balls in herby tomato sauce.

We also have locally grown washed White Marfona and Red Shannon potatoes in handy 12.5kg sacks.

If we can be of any help please get in touch, Tom