Smiths Sectional Buildings

Little Morton Farm is pleased to be working with Smiths Sectional Building and we have a number of their  buildings in use on the farm.  We have on display the following products from Smiths Sectional and all of these houses are available to order through us.  All of the buildings will be delivered by Smiths and delivery is normally 3 weeks from order but please get in touch if you require an exact delivery timescale.

The Midi Dingle

A traditional shaped chicken coop suitable 4 to 7 chickens depending on their size.  The chicken ark is raised off the floor which offers the birds shelter and deters vermin. The chicken coop is complete with a ladder for the chickens to access the ark.  There are removable perches inside the ark and an externally accessed nest box on the back.  The nest box is roofed with stock board and the ark has carry handles so that it can be moved easily. 

For cleaning access the ark is raised so that you don't have to bend down, the side panel lifts off and the perches can be lifted out.

The Midi Dingle  - 3'5" x 5' x 4'8" high and has 1 nest box.  

The arks is delivered flat pack.

  from £480.00

The Midi Dell

The Midi Dell chicken ark with integral run is designed to house 4-6 chickens depending on size.  The coop is a traditional design with the sleeping area raised off the floor giving shelter for the chickens and helping to deter vermin.  Designed to be portable the carry handles run through the ark and also offer the chickens a perch within the run.

The ark is raised giving good access for cleaning without bending and access is through the removable side panel.  The perches are removable and the ark has a single nest box to the rear.  The run is accessed by a full size large wire door.

The Midi Dell size - 8" x 5" x 4'7" high(2.4mx1.5mx1.4m high).

The midi dell is delivered flat pack and 3' extension to the run and a pophole in the wire end are the available options.  

 from £648.00

The Small Sherwoods 

The Sherwood is available in 7 different sizes and we have the Sherwood 25 on display.  The showrooms have removable perches running along the back of the house, underneath is a sliding droppings board which can be accessed from both sides for easy cleaning.  The nest boxes are underneath the droppings board and have hinged doors on the outside for external egg collection and the roofing is made using stock board.  On the front of the house there is a weld mesh covered window for ventilation and light, which is covered by an adjustable wooden shutter.  There is also the access door and the pothole for the chickens.  As standard the sherwood has wooden skids but optional wheels are available.

Sherwood 12 (up to 12 hens) - 3 nest boxes

 4' x 3' x 4' high (1.2m x 0.9m x 1.2m high)   from £ 624.00

Sherwood 25 (up to 25 hens) - 5 nest boxes

6' x 4' x 4' high (1.8m x 1.2m x 1.2m high)  from £956.00

Sherwood 35 (up to 35 hens) - 7 nest boxes

8' x 4' x 5' high (2.4m x 1.2m x 1.5m high) from £1245.00

The Thicket

The 'best selling' Thicket due to its design and style is available as the mini(4' high), standard(5'high) and high( 6' high). We have the high Thicket on display with optional run extension and end pop hole.  The thicket has two boards around the base of the run to give protection from winds and also to deter predators from digging.  Removable carry handles run throughout the building which double up as daytime perches.  The whole building is roofed using the black onduline.  

The Mini Thicket - 8'(2.4m) x 4'(1.2m) x 4'5" (1.2m) high 

3 Nest Boxes - carry handles 11' long   -  from £878.00 

The Standard Thicket -  8' (2.4m) x 5'3"(1.58m) x 5' (1.5m) high

4 Nest Boxes - carry handles 11' long  -  from £1078.00

The High Thicket - 8'(2.4m) x 5'3"(1.58m) x 6'(1.8m) high

4 Nest Boxes - carry handles 11' long - from £1221.00

Optional Extras Available on the Thicket Range:

  • Pophole in Wire End Panel
  • 3ft Extension
  • Green Roofing
  • Wheels on Mini Thicket
  • ChickenGuard Door Opener

The Haywood Range

The Hayward range are a very attractive and popular chicken house.  Available as 25, 50 or 100 bird size.  The Haywood offers plenty of light with sliding glass windows on either side and has 2 adjustable ventilation hatches on the front.  The Haywood is really easy to clean out with a removable dropping bard below the perches that pulls out of the front of the house.  The Haywood also comes with metal rollaway nest boxes were the eggs roll into collecting trays which help keep the eggs clean.

The Haywood 25 - 6'6"(1.98m) x 4'6"(1.37m) x 6'6"(1.98m) high.   

The Haywood 25 comes as stranded with wooden skids but can have wheels as an option.

The Haywood 25 from £1672.00

The Campbell Duck House

The lovely Campbell duck house is a well built attractive design which is suitable for up to 6-8 ducks.  The ducks access the house via the large pop hole (12" x 16" high) and a wooden ramp with grips.  The building has a weld mesh ventilation slide on one side and a lift off panel for easy cleaning on the other side.    As standard it is supplied on raised legs to encourage air flow underneath but can be fitted with optional wheels as shown.  The campbell duck house is delivered flat pack. 

Campbell Duck House 

 4' x 3 ' x 4' high (1.2m x 0.9m x 1.2m high)  -  From £523.00