The Farm

Here at Little Morton Farm we are passionate about our animals and producing great tasting produce. 

Little Morton Farm based in North Wingfield, Near Chesterfield, Derbyshire has been a small working farm for over 100 years and after being derelict for a number of years it has now been bought back to life. Through lots of hard work and dedication the small farm has now become a thriving business and home to many animals.  

Animal Welfare

The welfare of all of our animals is our primary concern! Our beliefs encompass a keen interest in humane practices, assurances on production methods and an avoidance of chemicals/growth promoters. We demand high standards to protect our animals and enhance their daily lives. Our animals are fed on a diet to maintain full health and have access to fresh water. Shelter is provided for our free range animals offering protection from the elements and predators. 

Caring Approach

We are vigilant and adopt a caring approach. Our knowledge of our animals and their behaviour enables us to assess their individual needs. We adopt the same approach to slaughter making it humane and as stress free as possible. To summarise our animals are reared in an environment to enhance their lives, we endeavour to promote a natural and traditional approach… If our animals are happy then so are we!!!

At Little Morton Farm we keep and rear a diverse range of poultry and livestock, grow our own fruit and vegetables and harvest our own honey.  We are constantly trying to improve the farm and regularly see a wide variety of wildlife.  

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Farm Wildlife

We see an array of Wildlife around the farm, including Hares,Little Owls, bats and farmland birds.

At Little Morton Farm was specialise in the breeding of Pedigree Berkshire pigs and traditional breeds of chickens.  We also keep pygmy goats, ducks, sheep and quail. 

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