Chicken & Poultry Drinkers


At Little Morton Farm we have a fantastic selection of Drinkers for all types of poultry, from back garden keepers with 3 chickens up to smallholders with 50 chickens and other poultry we have something available.  

Our main aim is to reduce plastic so our three main ranges that we offer are:

Recycled Plastic - Bio Plastic - Galvanised 

We have tried and tested the range we offer and are on hand to advice you on the best product for your needs.   

Allow up to 0.8L of water per bird per day especially during warmer weather

Recycled Plastic Drinkers

We offer a range of recycled plastic drinkers which are our economy drinkers.  Available in 1.5 litre, 3 litre and 5.5 litres these small drinkers are great for a small numbers of poultry or rearing.  

New to the range is the UK manufactured combi drinker which is a very robust drinker which comes with feet, a very strong good value drinker which would be suitable for all types of poultry.  

Greenline Bio Plastic Drinkers

The Greenline Bio plastic range of drinkers are made from sugar cane.  Available in a range of sizes suitable for chicks and quail through to the large 12litre size which will be suitable for all types of poultry.  They are also very sturdy and easy to clean making them a favourite with many people.

Galvanised Drinkers

Our range of high quality hot dip galvanised drinkers are available in four sizes.  1/2 Gallon (2.25 litre), 1 Gallon (4.5litre), 2 Gallon (9 litre), 3 Gallon (13.5litre).  These are a very popular drinkers which are very easy to use and will last for many years.

Top Tip - Don't use Apple cider vinegar with these drinker as this will break down the galvanising.

Tripod Drinkers

The range of tripod drinkers comes in three sizes and are ideal for larger numbers of poultry.  They are easy to fill and are best located on a level surface.