Run Management & Fencing Materials


Little Morton Farm offers a range of products to keep your chickens run in top condition.

Run Materials

Little Morton Farm stocks 70litre bags of the Melcourt Hardwood chicken run wood chips.  This virgin material is a great surface to keep your chicken run clean and free from mud.

Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitiser  

Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitising Powder is a highly absorbent sanitising powder for use in chicken housing – coops and runs.

  • Can be used during worming to clear the ground of worm eggs and bacteria.
  • Helps maintain a healthy environment for poultry.
  • Contains natural Zeolite and Yucca to absorb moisture, the odour of faeces and organic matter, reducing the risk they pose to birds.
  • Helps neutralise ammonia and other noxious odours.
  • Bedding conditioner for chicken coops – can help extend the life of the bedding.

How to use

Apply powder over the run and inside the housing and nesting boxes.

There is no need to remove bedding and it is safe to collect and eat eggs that have been in contact with this product.

Apply liberally (at a rate of 50g per sq.m.) wherever faeces and organic matter are present

Chicken Sand 

This pure dried sand is perfect for your chickens dust baths especially during the wetter months of the year. 

Electric Fencing

Little Morton Farm offers two sizes of netting kits which can be electrified with the energiser if required.  

Fence Posts

Machined round fence posts 88mm diameter and 5'6" long