Craftsman Built Chicken Coops from Granddad Rob Designs

Little Morton Farm has been stocking a range of animal housing from Granddad Rob(previously Forsham Cottage Arks) since Autumn of 2001.  We believe this is the best designed timber chicken coops and arks available and our proud to of been working with Rob for the last 20 years.  His experience makes him in our opinion one of the best, so if you are looking for a quality chicken coop or ark made by a craftsman then look no further.  Both the haydock chicken coop and the brighton chicken ark are on on display at the farm.  

The Haydock Chicken Coop

The haydock chicken coop, made from pressure treated joinery grade red pine and 12mm marine grade ply.  All joints are glued mortise and tenon and everything is screwed with zinc plated screws. 

A raised coop offering your birds protection from the sun and rain as well as giving you easier access for cleaning and collecting eggs.

All coops are fitted with a night shutter on the nest boxes keeping the nest box and your eggs clean.

Easy access with lifting roof and removable sides for cleaning and maintenance.

The Haydock is 165cm wide, 103cm deep and 145cm high.

The Haydock can be fitted with the Chickenguard Extreme door opener if required. 

  • Haydock 1000 - Has three segregated nests and 2.5mt of perching, housing up to 10 medium size layers. £875.00
  • Optional Haydock Run - £755.00
  • The Paddock Run 2.4x2.5m £786.00