Pure Breed Chickens

Little Morton Farm is home to a number of pure breeds of chickens some of which are listed below. Other breeds are sometimes available so please get in touch if you are looking for anything and we may be able to help.


Buff Orpingtons

The Buff Orpington's are beautiful chickens named after a village in Kent where the originator William Cook had his farm.  The buff colour dates back to 1894.  They are a large docile breed which is very ornamental and make a lovely addition to any large garden. They will produce a smaller number of creamy coloured eggs.

At Little Morton Farm we have a breeding group of Buff Orpington's which originated from show stock.  We can supply hatching eggs from March onwards and growing pullets from June onwards.


Black Leghorns

The Leghorn originates from Italy but came to the UK from America around 1870.  The are a light soft feather breed which produce good quantities of white eggs.

At Little Morton Farm our Black Leghorns are a large fowl utility strain and are available as either hatching eggs from March onwards or growing pullets from June onwards.


Marans originate from France gaining there name from the town of Marans,. This breed have many other breeds in their makeup and were originally imported into the UK in 1929.  They are a dual purpose bird which produce the iconic chocolate brown eggs.

Little Morton Farm has large fowl Copper Black Marans and sometimes has stock for sale.