Our Sausages

Here at Little Morton Farm we specialise in making the 'Best' sausages that taste fantastic.  We believe in making a product that tastes great making the best of our our amazing home produced Berkshire pork.   

We make our sausages in a range of flavours for every occasion, you can't beat our Traditional or Classic Pork sausages with mash and gravy, our Tomato or Cumberland make the perfect Breakfast sausage and our Smokey Bourbon or Sweet Chilli make the perfect BBQ sausage.

All of the sausages are made using the best selection of pork cuts which a complimented by high quality herbs and spices.

All of our sausages are sold frozen in the farm shop, conveniently packed in 6's.  

Traditional Pork GF

Our Traditional Pork sausage is simply seasoned with salt and pepper and is the sausage we use for our pigs in blankets, stuffing balls and our sausage meat.

Classic Pork

One of our most popular sausages which has a gentle mix of spice, the all-round sausage.

Classic Tomato

Our best selling and most popular sausages

Available in packs of 6 thin or 6 thick

HoneyRoast GF

Our Honeyroast GF sausage is a family favourite.  A delicate sausage with a slight sweetness.

Cumberland GF

Our cumberland sausage is our most popular Gluten Free sausage.  

A savoury sausage with cracked black pepper.

Lincolnshire GF

Our Lincolnshire sausage is simply seasoned using the best English Sage.  A delicious savoury sausage  which is a perfect breakfast sausage. 

Pork with Apple GF

Our Traditional Pork sausages with the addition of Apple pieces and Apple juice.   This sausage is a perfect addition to a tomato pasta sauce and is very popular with children.  

Hog Roast

Our hog roast sausage has red onion, sage and apple recreating the popular flavour combination of a hog roast.  Savoury but with a hint of sweetness this sausage is a must for a sausage sandwich.  

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil

A classic Mediterranean combination of sun dried tomato and basil.  The rich tomato flavour comes through with a hint of basil making this the perfect sausage to add to an tomato pasta sauce or make into mat balls.

Leek & Stilton

Using leeks and crumbled stilton this sausage is a must for the cheese lover.  Great as a meal or makes a great sandwich.  

Sweet Chestnut

We made this autumnal flavour using chestnuts for Bonfire night but found it was so popular that we made it on of our main flavours.  Savoury but with the nutty sweetness making this a favourit for many different meals.

Sweet Chilli

Our sweet chilli sausage is one of our original six flavours that we made when we started and it still proves to have its following.  A gentle heat with slight smokiness this sausage is a great crowd pleaser.  Add to a casserole for extra flavour and a must for a BBQ.

Smokey Bourbon

Our smokey bourbon sausage, a lovely warm sausage with sweetness  and smokiness.  An absolute favourite!  

Smokey Maple & Chilli

Our smoky Maple & Chilli sausage is one our hottest sausages giving a real chilli kick with the added smokiness.

Smoked Paprika

A rich paprika sausage which is ideal as a base for a casserole or stew.

Spiced Mango, Lime & Coconut

These sausages are the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Ideal for a BBQ or with rice and salad.