Chicken & Poultry Treats & Pecking Blocks



The Little Feed Company

The Little feed Company offers a range of artisan products that are made using locally sourced quality ingredients where possible using environmental friendly packaging.   Your animals health is there main priority when formulating their feeds.


Perfect Peck Block

A nutritious 1kg grass block packed with mixed grain to keep your flock entertained!

Deisigned to deter feather peacking and encourage outdoor play.

Made from 50% Grass and 50% Grain

Silvermoor Peckers

Silvermoor Peckers are the hanging Lucerne block, high in fibre and great for bird enrichment. Delicious and healthy, and with its unique design, Peckers will keep your birds happily pecking away for hours, promoting health and wellbeing.

Silvermoor Peckers are a feed material for poultry to be fed in conjunction with their current diet. The unique design should be hung at head height to make best use of the product and promote natural pecking behaviour.

The Good Stuff

Silvermoor Peckers enrich hens’ environment and enhance bird welfare by encouraging natural activity and relieving stress which decreases the risk of injurious pecking. Made up of alfalfa, Silvermoor Peckers provide a good source of dietary fibre to promote gut health.

  • Promotes natural behaviour
  • Stress relieving
  • Good source of dietary fibre
  • Long lasting
  • Helps reduce feather loss
  • Reduce stress
  • 100% natural

Natures Grub

We stock a range of the Natures grub treat products including our best selling Mega Pecking Blocks. 

Feldy Products

A blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients to contribute to your flock's daily intake of essential nutrients. Along with our special blend of added herbs and spices to act as an “attractant”. A delicious nutritious  treat for your chickens!!


Feldy has adopted a holistic approach to the formulation of this food and wellbeing supplement. Each block provides:

• Occupational therapy for your birds by reducing boredom and helping prevent feather pecking in the flock
• A high energy supplement resulting in improved bird condition, feathering and health, more and larger eggs
• Added calcium which aids the production of top quality eggshells, avoiding wasteful breakages