Education Hatching Kits


Poplar Poultry @ Little Morton Farm offers a comprehensive hatching kit available for local schools, nurseries and colleges within 10 miles radius of Little Morton Farms location. 

The package includes:

  •  a seven egg Brinsea fully automatic incubator 
  • 7 fertile eggs of three breeds, Buff Orpington(cream egg and lovely yellow chicks), Cream Legbar(blue eggs and lovely striped chicks) and Black Leghorn(white eggs and lovely black chicks).
  • A small electric heat plate(mimics the mother hen so the chicks feel safe and warm)
  • A small drinker
  • A Chick feed tray and chick crumbs
  • A brooder cage(keeps the chicks safe but still gives good visibility)
  • Advice and any help needed, setting up and during the whole process.

All of the package can either be set up and collected by us or collected from the farm and returned.  All chicks are returned and reared by us on the farm. 

Please contact us for further information or if you are interested in booking the hatching kit