Chicken Coops

Here at Little Morton farm we pride ourselves on supplying the best range of chicken coops available. We stock two ranges of quality chicken Coops, our craftsman built timber range from Granddad Rob Designs and Smiths Sectional Buildings and eco - recycled plastic Coops from both Nestera (previously Green Frog Designs) and Henlays Coops.

Keeping Chickens is ultimately a fantastic hobby and starting with the right chicken Coop is definitely one of the most important decisions you will make.  We have a lot of experience and are happy to help you pick the right coop for your situation.   

We aim to offer you a choice of Coops that is not only functional for both your chickens and you but also something that looks good too.  One recommendation we will always make when talking to new prospective chicken keepers is to buy a chicken Coop that is easy to access and clean.  If you make looking after your chickens and regular cleaning an easy task then you and your chickens will benefit and is the best way to prevent any potential problems.

All of the housing is proudly made in Britain.


Henlays Chicken Coops

Henlays which is part of Little Morton Farm specialises in making a chicken coop that is not only practical but also beautiful.  Our coops are proudly made in Britain from UK recycled plastic.

Our aim is to be perfect for poultry, people and the planet.

We have the henlays coop in stock and on display at Little Morton Farm and the coop can be delivered throughout England and Wales, please get in touch for more information.

Craftsman built chicken coops from Granddad Rob Designs

Little Morton Farm has been stocking a range of animal housing from Granddad Rob(previously Forsham Cottage Arks) since Autumn of 2001.  We believe these are the best designed timber chicken coops and arks available and our proud to of been working with Rob for the last 20 years.  His experience makes him in our opinion one of the best, so if you are looking for a quality chicken coop or ark made by a craftsman then look no further.    

Nestera Chicken Coops (previously Green Frog Designs)

At Little Morton Farm we  pleased to be working with Nestera and stock a range of their chicken coops.  Nestera offer a range of eco friendly chicken coops which are made using recycled plastic board.  It was originally founded with one simple mission, to create an animal home which was easy to use, long lasting and didn't cost the earth(quite literally).  It was designed from first hand experience making homes which solve problems before they become problems.  Ultimately life is about enjoying the little things, being happy hens roaming free and collecting lovely fresh eggs with your family and spending less time on maintenance. 


Little Morton Farm are pleased to be working with Smiths Sectional Buildings.       We use a number of their buildings on the farm ourselves and have a selection of the houses on display.  

Smiths sectional buildings, a family company established for over 25 years who specialise in the manufacture of high quality Chicken housing for both gardens and small scale free range egg producers.  

All of the chicken housing ordered through Little Morton Farm is delivered by Smiths Sectional Buildings and can be assembled if required.  Delivery is normally 3-4 weeks from order but please get in touch and we can confirm an exact delivery timescale.

Each building is made to order and can be tailored to a customers requirements.