The Heritage Skyline

The Heritage Skyline, produced exclusively at Little Morton Farmis a lovely hybrid bird which is produced from a number of Heritage breeds including the Cream Crested Legbar.  

They are available as fully reared 18 week old pullets which are reared by us on Hi Peak Organic feed and allowed to free range from 8-10 weeks old allowing them to grow naturally expressing their natural behaviour.  They are vaccinated for Marek's disease and Infectious Bronchitis. 

The Heritage skylines are available to order and will be available at 18 weeks old from May - September.  

The Heritage skylines are a bird that range really well and thrive when free ranging producing the tastiest eggs that look lovely too.

Blue Green and Pinky coloured eggs are produced


The History of the Heritage Skyline

Originally developed by David Applegarth in North Yorkshire as a commercial blue/green egg layer from a range of heritage breeds which he had maintained and bred for many years including the Cream Legbar's which originate from the original Cream Legbar's developed in Cambridge university.

During 2012, due to David Applegarth falling ill the Heritage skyline(also known as the Columbine during this time) breeding flock was passed to Pete and Val Whitesmith at Glencroft Poultry in North Yorkshire.

The breeding flock was maintained by them and they produced up to 1000 pullet chicks per month being sold either as day olds or being reared by Fennings Poultry in Suffolk alongside there other range of pullets and distributed nationwide.

In 2019 due to Ray Fenning and Pete Whitesmith deciding to retire the whole breeding flock was taken over by Tom Beckingham and moved to Little Morton Farm in Derbyshire where the plan is to develop and further improve the Heritage Skyline.   This is a very exciting addition to our livestock range at the farm and look forward to the future developments. 


The picture showing the Cream Legbars owned by David Applegarth believed to be the only ones left in the country when he took them on.

Credit for the picture: Fancy Fowl Magazine.