Pig Arks & Pig Keeping 


At Little Morton Farm we have been making a range of quality arks for the last 14 years and these have been used for a range of different animals.  Our arks can be used for pigs, sheep, goats and poultry and can be adapted with our range of optional extras.  We take great pride in the arks we make and regularly receive excellent feedback.  

Traditional Pig Arks originally based in Devon is now part of the quality range of Pig Arks that we can offer here at Little Morton Farm.  Taken over in 2020 from Colin due to his retirement we are excited to add this unique range of arks to our offering. Traditional Pig Arks has been a long standing supplier of quality pig arks and we look forward to helping both previous and new customers.

Thinking of starting with pigs? Little Morton Farm is here to help, our pig starter package offers all you need to get started with pigs.  Our comprehensive package can be tailored to your requirements and we can deliver everything with your chosen ark.   

All of the pig arks manufactured here at Little Morton Farm are made using quality materials, the timber is responsibly sourced and is fully pressure treated.  The roof sheeting and all fixings are galvanised and screws are all zinc coated.

All arks are guaranteed and available for delivery throughout central England  We have supplied many arks over the past 14 years having many repeat customers some of which include:

Our arks have been used for many things not just pigs and one school even made an air raid shelter from one.

We specialise in pedigree Berkshire Pigs and sometimes have weaners or breeding stock for sale.  Please visit Berkshire pigs page for more information.