Henlays Chicken Coop


High Quality Chicken

Coop made from

Recycled Plastic

Perfect for Poultry, People and the Planet


We believe in producing high quality chicken coops that are not only beautiful but most of all are an ideal home for your feathered friends.     From many years of experience working with all types of poultry we believe we have created a coop that they will love and you will too.  Removable roof panels on both sides, easily accessible height and fully recycled plastic that can be washed are just some of the features that make our Henlays Coop perfect for poultry, people and the planet. 


Perfect for Poultry

  • The raised coop encourages your chickens natural behaviour when roosting.
  • The area underneath the coop offer shade in hot weather.
  • It includes 8 sq. ft of space and 3 round perches totalling almost 6 foot in length
  • It can accommodate 6 large fowl or 9 bantams, draft free but well ventilated
  • There is one extra-large nest box that multiple birds can share and is lockable
  • The ramp is non-slip and strong
  • The material is hard and free of grooves making it very red mite resistant

Perfect for People

  • The plastic chicken coop is raised off the ground makes cleaning easier and quicker, it can even be jet washed!
  • The raised nest box makes it easier to collect the eggs
  • The area underneath is too high for rats to nest or burrow but tall enough to fit a dust bath which are essential for hen health.
  • Its solid construction is maintenance free and will look stunning for years
  • It will never degrade into a red mite hotel! It has no roofing felt, easy to remove perches and a removable floor
  • The coop can be painted different colours using the ECO paint from Thorndown.   

Perfect for the Planet

  • Each plastic chicken coop is made entirely of 12mm thick Stokbord, a UK made recycled plastic. It will never rot, fade or go brittle so it’ll last for decades
  • Every coop you buy stops 65kg of waste plastic going into landfill
  • The metal components are chunky stainless steel and will never rust or need replacing
  • The long lifespan of this coop means you save money and the planet saves energy, materials and waste
  • It is manufactured in the UK so we substantially reduce transport pollution, especially compared to cheap imported coops

The Henlays coop can be collected from Little Morton Farm or we can deliver throughout the UK via a pallet network.  Please get in touchfor more information.