Chickens for Sale at Little Morton Farm

We have a great range of chickens available for you to choose from whether you are a first time keeper, an experienced keeper, a smallholder or farmer looking for egg production then we have something for you.

We have regular customers visiting from Derbyshire,Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire and receive fantastic feedback from them many of which have been coming for more than 10 years.

Our chickens are displayed in our purpose built display aviary so you can select your individual chickens and wellies are not needed.

All of our chickens for sale are available at point of lay which is between 17 and 21 weeks of age and are vaccinated.

Our selection of chickens which in turn will produce a lovely array of different coloured eggs, from dark brown, light brown, cream, pink, to blue and green.  

Birds are reared to an excellent standard, their welfare is paramount and we invest much of our time to ensure high standards of care are maintained.

When collecting your birds then you can either bring a suitable box or carrier or alternatively we can supply you with a purpose made chicken carrier which will hold up to three medium sized birds for £2.50.

Please Note: When visiting to view or collect chickens dogs are not permitted on the farm, thankyou. 

A selection of eggs showing different colours from our range of chickens available.

The Heritage Skyline

The Heritage Skyline is produced exclusively at Little Morton farm from a number of Heritage breeds of chicken.  This very attractive bird which will produce lovely blue, green or pinky coloured eggs.


Coloured Hybrid chickens

Our range of Poplar coloured hybrids include 10 different types of chicken offering a lovely choice including brown, light brown, white and blue egg layers.


Pure Breed Chickens

Our range of Pure Breed Chickens are available at certain times of the year as hatching eggs or growing pullets.

Brown Hybrid Chickens

Our Brown Hybrid chickens are available at the point of lay stage(17-21weeks old).  They are suitable for small keepers as well as people looking to produce eggs for sale.     


Bantam Chickens

Our range of Bantam breeds offer a a lovely selection of pet chickens ideal for back back gardens. Available at certain times of the year.

Ducks, Meat Chickens & Other Poultry

A selection of Ducks, Table Chickens, Quail and Turkey poults are available at certain times of the year.